TRIPTYPHON is the result of a triple artistic experiment: an audio chain letter for 1 writer & 1 actor & 1 musician.

MASKéNADA commissioned 4 writers to pen new work especially for the podcast. Their text is then forwarded to an actor, who interprets and records it. This recording is passed on to the musician, who adds a soundscape or music. Each artist is given carte blanche.

From 29 June to 20 July, discover 4 original podcasts in 3 languages by 15 artists

Podcast 1: 29 June (FR) 1:30 PM on
Nathalie Ronvaux (text) – Aude Laurence Biver (acting) – Catherine Kontz (music)

Podcast 2: 6 July (DE) 1:30 PM on
Nora Wagner (text) – Nancy Mensah-Offei (acting) – C’est Karma (music)

Podcast 3: 13 July (FR) 1:30 PM on
Caroline Gillet & Hugo Combe (text) – Fábio Godhino (acting) – Gana x Ragga x Skinny J by Stayfou (nusic)

Podcast 4: 20 July (EN) 1:30 PM on
Larisa Faber (text) – Judith State (acting) – EDSUN (music)

Created by Larisa Faber, mixed by Luka Tonnar, produced by MASKéNADA

Illustration by Julie Wagener